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Mike is a registered landscape architect in the state of Pennsylvania.  Michael has over ten years of professional experience covering a wide range of landscape architecture competencies.  He joined the URDC staff in the summer of 2019.  At URDC Mike is the office lead for standards and practices for AutoCAD / Civil 3D and is proficient in graphic production and digital modeling. He is involved with various on-going planning and construction projects. Prior to working at URDC, Mike worked in the high end residential design build market. 


Mr. Lachman has been directly responsible for final design and layout manager for many park master plans and trail design plans. In those capacities, he has been instrumental in preparing preliminary and final construction plans, profiles, grading, utility, stormwater, erosion and sedimentation plans, permits, and construction details. He has completed for a number of new parks, rails-to-trails projects,  and other new park facilities, including:

  • Victory Park- ADA Improvements & Playground, Royersford Borough

Design/ Grading

Permitting, Construction Documents

Bidding, Construction Observation & Administration

River Trail/Riparian Buffer Restoration,


Construction Documents

  • Royersford Riverfront Park and Trail IV , Royersford Borough  

River Trail/Riparian Buffer Restoration

Permitting, Construction Documents  

  • Spring City Municipal Parking Lot - ADA Improvements & Pocket Park , Spring City Borough


Erosion & Sediment Control Plans


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Pennsylvania State University

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